First Contact Physiotherapists




We have 3 First Contact Physiotherapists (FCP’s) based at Banbury Cross Health Centre who specialise in the assessment, diagnosis and management of musculo-skeletal conditions (soft tissue, muscle and joint pain).

The FCP’s can see you for these issues instead of your GP.  They can offer you timely, expert advice to help you manage your problem and where appropriate, self-care, analgesia, fit notes, investigations (x-ray and scans) joint injections, blood tests and onwards referral can be arranged.

They work closely with the GP’s and other health professionals at the practice offering you early intervention to help you manage your individual needs.


When to see your First Contact Physiotherapist?

  • First Contact Physiotherapists (FCPs) are highly trained physiotherapists, usually based in GP surgeries.
  • FCPs have extensive experience in the assessment and management of musculoskeletal conditions – such as back or neck pain - and see these patients without the need for a GP appointment.
  • If you have bone, joint or muscle pain, you can see an FCP.

What to expect when you see your FCP?

  • Your FCP will assess and diagnose you.
  • Give you expert advice on how best to manage you condition.
  • Refer you onto a specialist service if necessary.

How do you book an appointment to see your FCP?

Simply contact your GP practice and request an appointment to see the FCP. The reception team will check that you’re suitable and book an appointment for you.