PPG Minutes of April 2023 Meeting




Present: TC, KC, AC, JR, AA, JN, TM, AM
On behalf of Banbury Cross Health Centre: James Middleditch
Visitor/Prospective PPG Member: PC
Apologies: None received

Minutes from the last Meeting

Discussed and agreed as a true record.


Matters Arising

TC discussed the resignation of PPG Member JM and the reasons given for their resignations. The group discussed this at length and agreed that matter to be closed. TC will respond via email accordingly



  • JM gave a brief update on staffing, with the position being broadly the same as last month.
  • 1 GP has started at the surgery w/c 10/04 and will be available to see patient’s w/c 24/04.
  • Two further FY2 Drs will be available to see patients under supervision for the next 4 months – as part of the practice’s ongoing commitment in being a Training practice.
  • The drive to recruit new GPs continues, with recruitment ongoing. Some work is being undertaken around this in relation to the Job Specification being updated and advertised to a wider audience.
  • All other staffing numbers remain stable
  • AC asked what impact upcoming Industrial Action by Nurses and Drs may have on the surgery, JM stated that that is unknown as of this moment.
  • A discussion was had around the number of GP’s the practice is looking for – JM replied that in broad terms it would be thirty sessions equating to 4 GP’s [this was also the number reported in the minutes of the PPG meeting for March 2023]
  • AC asked about the GP lists and details on the Website and if this would be updated. JM confirmed that this was in process and work is ongoing to ensure all details are correct and site updates as staffing changes.

PPG Awareness Sessions at upcoming Clinics

  • KC asked about the possibility of raising awareness of the PPG at any future clinics. The group agreed as something that the PPG would like to pursue. 
  • JN mentioned that clinics were currently being held but volunteers were not being sought from the PPG. This was something that had highlighted before and assurances were given that, PPG members would be contacted – which has not happened. JM will look into this to see why this has not materialised. TM asked what the purpose of PPG involvement usually was, and the group confirmed that members perform a stewarding role and have done so for a number of years.

PPG Email Address

We know have a dedicated PPG email address BCHC.PPG@gmail.com. TC will have control over this and decide who is able to access it.


NAPP Newsletter Subscription

TC spoke about the NAPP newsletter that he has subscribed to and recommend other members do the same – they will need to contact Hannah to do this.


Discuss part 1 of NAPP introduction for PPG’s

A lengthy discussion around the NAPP document and what is expected of PPG’s was held. The group felt that they are already undertaking a number many of the suggested actions whilst others were not within their remit



  • The group discussed how to capture patient feedback, both positive and negative. There was the mention of the family and friends' feedback, the NHS website and TM again mentioned about the possibility of using a ‘Smiley face’ system which many people will be familiar with at airports etc. JM said that he thought that this was a promising idea and would be looking to see how that could work within the practice. JR stated that she had concerns around its suitability as children may want to ‘play with it.’ It was agreed that any devices would be placed suitably around the surgery.
  • KC asked if positive feedback will be published by the surgery on the website or social media page, as patients need to be able to see the good reports for the surgery as well as those less favourable. JM stated this was not something that they had considered before but that he felt it was a worthwhile suggestion to pursue and the intention is now for this to be included.
  • KC forwarded a concern from a patient, whereby they had received what they determined to be a ‘diagnosis by text’ this caused considerable stress and anxiety for the person involved and they have complained. JM explained that this was something that the surgery is doing, within certain parameters and that it would certainly not be the case for all test results
  • TC relayed a message from Hannah to state that she intends to keep PPG minutes on the website for a limited amount of time – the group agreed and determined that to be 2 years.
  • KC showed an example of a Newsletter that was produced by a now departed PPG member, whilst he was a member of the West Bar group – it was agreed that further discussion was need around this and how we can incorporate it now. This will be an Agenda item for May.
  • AC asked if there was an issue with the electronic sending system for items such as prescriptions or referrals, as has had occasions where this has not worked correctly. JM will look into this and contact the pharmacy team for clarification.
  • AC asked if it was frequent practice for patients to be directed to Specsavers if they had vision/optical issues. KC confirmed that she had, had the same experience 2 years prior and that Specsavers were aware that this was the process. JM stated that in certain cases, that direction was correct.
  • AC spoke about the Website; many members present felt this had already been discussed in length at the last meeting [see minutes for March]. AC confirmed that he had now written a description about the PPG and its purpose, to be published on the website – he will send this to TC for approval. There also was agreement that a photo of current PPG members [subject to their consent] will also be published on the website. KC volunteered to take the photograph.
  • A brief discussion was had at the close of the meeting, and PC was welcomed back as a PPG member.

Next Meeting [Provisional]: 18th May 2023
If anyone wishes to suggest any amendments to the minutes, can you please contact the Secretary via the following email BCHC.PPG@gmail.com