PPG Minutes of August 2023 Meeting




Present: TC, KC, AC, AA, PC, JN, MP, JR, AM, TM
On behalf of Banbury Cross Health Centre: Catherine Page, Dr Sanders

1. Apologies

None received


2. Minutes from the last Meeting

Accepted without amendment


3. Matters Arising

No matters arising.


4. Staffing

Catherine Page and Dr Sanders gave the update.

2 new GP’s have now started and another is due to start in September.

Interviews for HCA's are now being conducted.

Nursing Manager and research nurse recruitment is ongoing.

Historically, the practice have been low on nursing numbers and would like to recruit more.


5. Compliments, Complaints and Feedback

  • Complaints – are the same and mostly around appointment availability.
  • Compliments – when received, are sent to all staff.

6. Newsletter

AC wondered what was happening with the Newsletter that he constructed. Catherine Page was able to give the following update:

The document is being reviewed by James Middleditch and some of the practice staff . There have been some issues with printing correctly and there is some thought that the Newsletter should have it’s own PPG logo. It will likely be at least a week before the Newsletter is reviewed.

AC was able to confirm that he had successfully printed the document previously.

PC asked who would print the Newsletter and Dr Sanders confirmed that the practice can do so.

AC asked for some input from the practice for the Newsletter content and confirmed it will be published quarterly.


7. Healthwatch

All of the group found the visit informative and interesting.

TC is yet to receive the information that was mentioned, so will follow this up with Healthwatch directly.


8. McMillan Coffee Morning

AA is organising this and a date of 28/09 (AM) is the preferred option.

Catherine Page stated that the practice would prefer it to take place on floor 2, as that has a lot of footfall. She also confirmed that all staff will bring Cakes.

AA confirmed Cakes will also be provided by Wykham Park Farm.

PC stated that the Pratcice have plates etc.

AA will provide posters for the day.

The coffee morning also gives opportunity to promote the PPG, as many members have volunteered to help.


9. AOB

  • PPG Promotion – KC spoke to the group about the possibility of setting up a PPG page on Social Media. The group agreed to this and thought it a good idea.
  • PC mentioned that she knew of someone interested in joining the PPG but they had heard nothing back. It was established that the person who receives the applications had been on leave and so this will be followed up.
  • TC asked if Drs could look at suitable members for the PPG, which is how some current members were originally recruited.
  • Dr Sanders said that it is something that they can do again.
  • KC asked if there was a way of seeing how many hits the PPG page received on the website – Catherine Page will see if this is possible.
  • TM asked re the statement from prospective PPG members – can the website say what PPG brings to the practice. AC confirmed that the website reflects this.
  • PC – the raised/higher chairs that were in the practice prior to Covid, seem to have gone. Some people find it difficult to use chairs that don’t have the risers.
  • Dr Sanders said  they will still be in the practice and that they will look for them.
  • PC – Banners on front of the building need replacing. Dr Sanders confirmed that the Landlord needs to be asked re what signage is allowed.
  • KC – re the compliment last month for the Advance Paramedic, it has been confirmed that it was Andrew Brain.
  • Catherine Page asked if the PPG could be involved in the designing of a letter for patients who have missed 3 or more appointments – the group were happy to do this
  • JR – queue system to see a specific GP works well. JN agreed.
  • MP – how many patients are currently registered. 41000 approximately. 
  • There was then some discussion re the practice still taking on new patients, when other surgeries are not. Dr Sanders stated the practice is looking at ways to manage patient numbers.
  • TM – the online appointment system works well, especially if you are working or unable to use the phone. Dr Sanders remarked that systems take time to settle in with patients and TM stated that it might be a subject suitable for the Newsletter.
  • PC asked if PPG members could sit with patients and explain how to use the system, as previously happened. Dr Sanders agreed it was a good idea.
  • AM asked if there was a leaflet explaining this too. PC had a leaflet with her and so gave it to him.
  • KC – receptionists are still not aware of the PPG meeting. TC will follow up.

Next Meeting 21st Septeber 2023 @ 18:00

If anyone wishes to suggest any amendments to the minutes, can you please contact the Chair.