PPG Minutes of February 2023 Meeting




Present: TC, KC, AC, JR, AA, JN
On behalf of Banbury Cross Health Centre: Jennifer Nichols - Practice Manager (JNPM), Hannah Gibson - BCHC Business
Apologies: JM

Minutes from the last Meeting

Discussed and agreed as a true record.


Matters Arising

TC took the opportunity to welcome Hannah to the meeting and to thank her for all the effort and hard work she has put in with regards to the PPG.

There was a lengthy discussion around the constitution and the purposes of the PPG.

All agreed that the PPG needs to be promoted and that new members should be encouraged and welcomed.

The Constitution - see point 4.

PPG Recruitment – the PPG is not widely known amongst patients and so some work is needed to promote what it and what it does.

AC to write a statement to this effect to be published on the surgery website. TC will get sight of this and send to current members (with a set time to reply) to agree before publication. 

There was an open discussion as to how the recruitment process would be delivered. The PPG is open to patients to apply and we welcome applications from all interested parties. Diversity and Inclusion is something that the PPG respect and are working hard to improve. It was noted that there is a perceived lack of diversity at the moment, and we made need to look further into why this is. TC asked JNPM to circulate to all the GP’s and ask them to identify prospective members as they see the most diverse section of our patients and are thus best placed to identify suitable candidates.

The process for recruitment was agreed as follows:

  1. Prosepective member will contact the practice.
  2. Application will be forwarded to TC, as the chair.
  3. TC will then discuss the decision with the sub-committee and decision will be made.

It was felt that a written expression of interest should be asked for at the Initial contact stage and this is what the sub-committee will look at. Prospective members may then be invited to attend a regular PPG meeting in person.

It was also noted that at the next meeting a Confidentiality agreement will be given for all to sign.



  • JNPM gave an update on staffing since the last meeting.
  • Dr Carter will be leaving the practice in April 2023 and Dr Sharma will be leaving at the end of March 2023.
  • The recent recruitment exercise has been successful and 2 new GP's will be starting this year (in March and August respectively). The practice is still actively working to recruit more GPs.
  • The HCA role is fully staffed, and a new practice Nurse is due to start in March 2023.


  • Will need to be updated as JMPM confirmed that the PPG is now affiliated with NAPP.
  • It was also agreed that the Constitution will be reviewed when needed and, in any case, will be reviewed annually, to ensure it still fits the PPG's aims and purpose.

Extended Access

BCHC are now offering extended access appointments, Via clinic, calls, Health checks and telephone appointments as per the last meeting.



JN – asked re Volunteering and the need for volunteers to help at the large-scale clinics [Covid/Flu] and primarily how this is works. JNPM confirmed that an email was sent out giving details of who to contact if you wish to volunteer.

AA – asked if the DNA (Did Not Attend) rates have improved. JNPM confirmed that the rates are significantly lower with book on the day appointments, than with the previous system of booking further ahead. However, the DNA rates for vaccination clinics have still been high – which has a financial cost for the practice. Any patient that frequently DNA's will be sent a letter in regard to this.

JNPM – the practice is looking at a ‘Waiting List' system to be brought in. This will allow some pre-cooked appointments and will be particularly beneficial for those patients who wish to see a named GP.

AC – asked if the new proposals about a triage system for 999 calls would impact on the practice. JNPM confirmed that this will have an impact if adopted. She also pointed out that the Urgent Care Centre continues to take the overspill from A and E and also helps out the various surgeries by offering appointments.

KC – is there any news on the reinstatement of e-consult. JNPM said that it will not be switched back on yet and that another system AQRX will be looked at for this

KC – if a patient still needs a Flu vaccination, how do they book this. JNPM confirmed that the patient should call the Contact Centre or E-Mail the practice.

JR – shared a recent good experience story of how well the LIVI service and the practice have worked together.

KC – does the surgery website include positive feedback, like the one JR mentioned? JNPM confirmed feedback is forwarded to staff and will look into the possibility of anonymised comments being shown on the website.

TC – spoke about the constitution and the agreement to contact a non-attending member. He will do this as per the constitution.

Next Meeting: 16th March 2023