PPG Minutes of January 2024 Meeting




Present: TC Chairperson AA Deputy Chair, PC, BS, AC, JN, JJ, PM, JR Secretary, Donald McIver Lead Pharmacist




Minutes from the last Meeting

No matters arising from minutes of the last meeting.


Pharmacists at BCHC

Donald McIver Lead Pharmacist attended the meeting and gave a very informative talk on the Pharmacy team.

  • Donald has worked as Community Pharmacist for 27 years, 6 years at BCHC
  • 6 Pharmacists in team, 4 are Prescribers, 1 on Course and should pass during summer and a new member of team who is unable to prescribe at this time.
  • Put all medicine changes on records from hospital, if medicine related -side effects. 
  • Separate telephone line for local Pharmacists/hospital/Nursing homes for speed of access to information
  • Pharmacists run four blood pressure clinics a week.
  • 4 Asthma clinics a week
  • Depression reviews each day
  • Working towards clinics for COPD and Diabetes.
  • Can prescribe in their own specialist areas.
  • Manage prescription process.
  • Pharmacists in short supply as GP’S are.
  • Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) – Safety of medicines, advise blood tests and regular monitoring.
  • The surgery has 2 trainee Pharmacists from (OUH) Oxford University Hospitals for a 3 months placement.
  • Training for a Pharmacy qualification is 3 or 4 years and then a further year Pre-Registration working in a Pharmacy/surgery/Hospital.
  • Propose training etc for 2 years to give time to prepare a training schedule.
  • Pharmacy team give advice on interactions to patients who wish to use supplements as well as prescribed medication or if they want to use instead of.
  • 65% of repeat prescriptions are reviewed and signed off by the Pharmacists, except for addictive drugs and controlled drugs.

Community Pharmacies

Some prescriptions will be sent to the HUB to be prepared and sent to nominated Pharmacy for collection. This is done as some of smaller Pharmacies have less capacity for making up the bigger orders.



  • One prospective new GP 
  • Dr Colville has settled in.
  • Nursing team are one member of Staff down.
  • There are 3 new Health Care Assistants (HCA’s) New Staff have slightly longer appointment times.

Complaints, Compliments and Feedback

  • No serious complaints reported.
  • Well Pharmacy have reported BCHC are sending their prescriptions quicker than other local surgeries. Two (ANP’s) Advanced Nurse Practitioners are Prescribers which is helping with the speed of sending prescriptions out.
  • Measles outbreak- letters sent out to Patients, and lots of phone calls to the surgery re: vaccination


  • This has now been published and is available on the website and in the waiting rooms.
  • The next newsletter will be published in approximately 6 weeks, inform AC if you have an item to add.

9. Any Other Business

  • New member - PM was welcomed to the group – previously from a Health background, Intensive Care then Management as Nursing Director.
  • TC reported that   an email had been received from KC stating that she had sent in her apologies for previous meetings but these had not been recorded. Although we could find no trace of these emails her apologies for the previous meetings were accepted.
  • PC – BCHC is to become a Veterans Surgery, this means that when people come out of the Services and are suffering mental health issues, and need communication and care rather than medication they will be offered this intervention. Dr R Gupta to be invited to a future meeting.
  • PC queried the registration of 700 patients a month and was told it is correct.
  • JR Reported Patient made a comment having visited the surgery to make a GP appointment and not being able to make said appointment at the reception desk?

Next Meeting 21st March 2024 at 6pm at the Education Room BCHC