PPG Minutes of January 2023 Meeting




Present: TC, KC, JM, AC, JR, PCW, AA, JN
On behalf of Banbury Cross Health Centre: Jennifer Nichols -Practice Manager (JNPM)
Guests: CH
Apologies: Emma (Healthwatch)

Minutes from the last Meeting

Discussed and agreed as a true record.


Matters Arising

One PPG member has resigned – JNPM will speak to them separately about this.

JM discussed the Access to health Records on the NHS Rollout.

JNPM stated that the rollout is paused nationally due to safeguarding and vulnerability issues that need to be addressed. She reminded everyone that there are still a number of records that are not fully digital and that this is an ongoing exercise, so not all records will be fully available at this stage in any case.

TC took time to welcome the return to the PPG of PCW and to welcome prospective member CH, who was attending for the first time. A discussion was had around the purpose of the PPG.



JNPM gave details of ongoing interviews for salaried GPs, 2-3 are hopefully being interviewed next week. There is a nationwide shortage of GPs, and it is a competitive recruitment field – especially with the current cost of living issues.

The recruitment package must address and highlight this. BCHC is a large practice, with a good core of GPs. It is also a training practice and is the largest research practice in the Thames Valley Area – with Dr Kennard being the Research lead, this gives patients the opportunity [if they wish] to take part in various research studies.

The practice also has many other disciplines that are attractive – such as Physio, various clinics and a very active Social prescribing Team.

  • 2 GPs are departing over the next few weeks – Dr Bhalerao and Dr Sharma.
  • 2 new practice nurses and the HCA service is now fully staffed.
  • Livi is still being used to ensure patients are contacted by a GP and BCHC also continue to offer face to face appointments.
  • The Urgent Care Centre, now run by PML is also able to help with taken on some of the excess on the day appointments.
  • The Deputy Practice manager has left, and the roll will be absorbed by the current staffing pool.
  • There will be an advertisement for the Complaints and Social Media role, as the person who has been doing this is taking a break.
  • Discussions were had around the ideal number of GPs for a practice this size – JNPM reiterated that recruitment is ongoing and that another 5-6 would put us in a better position.
  • GPs have both face to face and admin work to do in their sessions. There is a good pool of locums that BCHC are able to use.


We now have the necessary officer on the PPG to join NAPP. JNPM to find out how the application is progressing.


Extended Access

BCHC are now offering extended access appointments, Via clinic, calls, Health checks and telephone appointments.



JNPM – explained that we have applied to close our list and reduce our catchment area to the BOB and the PPG were in agreement that the list should be closed and the catchment area reduced,as the group recognised that we needed to take such steps in order to deal with the pressures BCHC is facing.

AA – raised a concern re patients being told to go to reception to book appointments – JNPM confirmed appointments need to be made via the Call Centre.

Volunteering – discussion re the need for volunteers to help at the large-scale clinics [Covid/Flu] JNPM clarified the process for this.

KC – Parking is an ongoing issue JNPM - all signage is dictated by the building’s landlords and car park owners.

CH – discussed the purpose of the PPG and how his experience led to him being recommended to attend a meeting.

JCPM – confirmed that the Mole/Skin blemishes clinics are still running.

JCPM – will find out when the work for the hooks on the toilet doors will be completed.

JR – Do Connect health Referrals have full access to patient history? JNPM – No, only information given on referral.

KC – question re the E-Consult availability – currently this is switched off. It was agreed by all that this is a very useful and well used service, when running – JNPM conformed that there is ongoing work around this and that the website/social media pages will be updated when it is switched back on.

KC – asked about Mental health provisions at the surgery and access to this. JNPM confirmed all GP’s have experience in this field and the surgery has a lead GP for this -Dr Rayner. GP’s can refer onto the Social Prescribers, if appropriate, for patients in regard to their mental health.

Next Meeting: 16th February 2023
If anyone wishes to suggest any amendments to the minutes, can you please contact the PPG Secretary.