PPG Minutes of July 2023 Meeting




Present: TC, KC, AC, AA, PC, JN, MP
On behalf of Banbury Cross Health Centre: James Middleditch
Healthwatch: Jaz Kundi
Observer: BS

1. Apologies



2. Minutes from the last Meeting

Accepted without amendment


3. Matters Arising

Issues with members of PPG receiving emails. It was agreed that all members will email TC at the PPG email address, so he is able to ensure he has all the correct details


4. Staffing

James Middleditch gave the update:

Dr Mason has left the practice.

Dr Checkley is returning in August.

2 more GP’s joining in the next 2 months, with another 3 pending.

4 Drs in Training will join (Training GP is Dr Kennard)

Interviews are ongoing for further recruitment.

Nursing Manager is still being recruited, as are ancillary staff.



The Constitution is now due for its Annual Review

AC questioned if the Annual Report was needed. JK stated it could be used to list achievements from the PPG. She will send TC copies of other PPGs Annual reports for his perusal.

TC asked if an AGM is always needed – JK responded that it is up to each PPG.

AC then asked about the virtual PPG – there is no news on this.

KC asked if the constitution needed updating as it was not being followed in relation to new PPG member requests. There was some discussion and it was agreed that there have been lapses in this and that everyone is reminded what the process is. It was agreed that no amendment is needed but that due process must be followed.


6. Compliments, Complaints and Feedback

Complaints – are low volume and usually in regards to appointment availability. Due to staffing levels, the practice are limited in what they can offer. There have been 2 formal and 30 informal complaints since the last PPG meeting

Compliments – positive comments re NHS 75th Birthday celebrations

Feedback - The Family and Friends form is being updated and redesigned, this will also include the ability to send a link by text to complete it. Patients are also signposted to the NHS choices to give feedback.


7. Newsletter

AC has constructed a new version of a newsletter.

There was some concern re the volume of text and that a content and design/style balance is always needed and has to be right. MP felt the amount of text was ok.

James Middleditch stated that there may be a few issues with accessibility and uploading on the website but also pointed out that there are now no magazines in waiting rooms. The Newsletter could fill this gap. He will also find out if the costs can be covered by the practice.

KC had concerns re the size of some of the text being very small – with Arial and font size 12 being classed as the standard for accessibility purposes, AC stated that hadn’t been considered.

AC also asked that other members get involved in providing articles. Any volunteers will contact AC or TC directly.


8. Healthwatch

Jaz Kundi introduced herself and spoke about her role in supporting PPGs. She said that Healthwatch have a page on their website dedicated to this and can promote the PPG on there.

She stated that the PPG need to be out there and reaching patients. She also suggested several other ways and avenues to get the group noticed including maybe a stall. PC questioned how this would help and what the point of it would be?

Jaz also gave details of other interested groups and will contact TC independently with details.

KC stated that it was really important for the PPG not only to represent the patients but to be representative of them too. Jaz Kundi agreed and suggested various

community groups that could be emailed or contacted to both promote the PPG and encourage interest from these underrepresented groups.

She felt that overall the Group was doing well in its aim and objectives and that she was willing to help where she could.


9. AOB

  • AA – McMillan Coffee Morning. JNPM has agreed that this can go ahead in the same format as pre-covid. This will happen sometime in September and will be arranged by AA. AA is looking for cakes (some will be made by existing contacts) and volunteers to help on the day. There was a lot of interest in this and AA will follow up with an email. There was some discussion re where it will take place. KC suggested that maybe it could take place in the main reception area on the ground floor. PC stated it couldn’t as it blocked an area. However it was agreed that there was ample space the other side of that, by the stairs – this area will be considered.
  • KC - gave 2 cases of feedback from patients. Both of whom had struggled to get appointments. Case 1 resulted in a required visit to a and e for what was a medical emergency – James Middleditch requested more details (the person involved has confirmed they have contacted the surgery about this) as he was very concerned about what has happened. Case 2 involved a situation where the patient was referred elsewhere and treated but then required treatment from an advanced paramedic at the Surgery. The treatment that they received from him (Andrew Brain) was praised. The patient saw him on a couple of occasions and he ensured they had the correct treatment and also booked a follow up appointment. They felt listened to and informed ar every step. This praise will be circulated by James Middleditch or Hannah.

Next Meeting 17th August 2023 @ 18:00

If anyone wishes to suggest any amendments to the minutes, can you please contact the Chair