PPG Minutes of June 2023 Meeting




Present: TC, KC, AC, JR, AA, TM, AM, PC, JN, PCW
On behalf of Banbury Cross Health Centre: Dr Rogers
Prospective Member: MP

1. Apologies



2. Minutes from the last Meeting

Accepted without amendment


3. Matters Arising

A photo of the PPG was taken to be uploaded to the website is now on there.

Healthwatch invite sent.

Receptionists are now aware of PPG meeting details.

Carpark- confirmation that you must input your car registration number into the pad/screen within 15 minutes of entering the car park.


4. Staffing

Dr Rogers gave an update on staffing.

The practice are still actively recruiting GP’s. As per last months minutes, new GP's have now started and another is due to start in September.

The Nurse Manager vacancy is now open and has had a lot of interest shown


5. NAPP further discussion of the Introduction to PPG’s document

Moved to the next meeting as an Agenda item



The Constitution is almost due for its annual review and any amendments must be proposed at our next meeting.


7. Newsletter

The former PPG member does not wish to be involved in compiling the Newsletter.

A group discussion was had and the group would like to continue with it. TC requested this be discussed at the next meeting.

AC, TM and JR now have the email template for the newsletter.


8. AOB

  • KC – issues with the Agenda being compiled, when it should be PPG responsibility. The Group agreed that this should be the case and TC will now compile and send it out from the PPG email. The group should contact him on this email with items for the Agenda 1 week before each meeting.
  • AA – wanted to know if anyone else had issues booking a Covid Booster. He has had issues both with 119 and the website. JR stated she had helped several people book with no issue.
  • Dr Rogers - the practice have had another visit from CQC and the have now passed.
  • Compliments, complaints and feedback – Dr Rogers stated that complaints can vary, there is no central theme to them and fewer are now about appointment availability.
  • The practice regularly receive positive comments and this is reflected with reviews on NHS choices.
  • Feedback is always encouraged, although sometimes there is nothing that the practice can do with/about it.
  • PC – is there an issue with the electronic prescription system? 1 pharmacy is saying there is. Dr Rogers confirmed everything was working as it should and the practice had not been made aware of any issues. They do know of a potential issue with some patients who have yet to update their preferred pharmacy option, since the closure of Lloyd’s pharmacy in Sainsbury’s. Dr Rogers also confirmed that there was a process for emergency medication, if there is an issue with the prescription and that the pharmacy could deal with this.
  • AM – why do the pharmacy give off -cuts of tablet sleeves (a strip of the usual 10 tablets may include it in 2’s etc). Dr Rogers confirmed this would have to be taken up with the pharmacy in question.
  • TC – how are budget restraints affecting the practice? And what % is set for Primary care. The practice will provide figures for this.
  • TM – what can patients do help with any issues? Dr Roger’s stated that there had been a directive that Primary care should be issues repeat prescriptions for shorter time spans than previously, as there was a lot of unused medications being disposed of. Dr Roger’s also stated that the staff are all human and comments do affect them.
  • PCW – what is the complaint percentage to patient ratio? This will be provided at a future meeting.
  • KC – education is an issue, can you compile a Did you Know? Document (for things that patients don’t need a face to face appointment for). Dr Rogers stated that Covid had heightened peoples fears regarding health and the service and many were worried and so are unsure of where to turn.
  • PCW – gave details of Livewell Oxfordshire that provide a service that may be of use to patients, along with CAB for issues such as debt.
  • JR – praised ACCURX and said she found it useful.
  • PC - why isn’t the Oxford Road surgery entrance open on Saturday clinics? There have been issues with irate people trying to get in and having to walk round. Dr Rogers stated that this was an historical decision made during Covid to enable a single queue to be formed; to manage within the restrictions of the time but as those restrictions no longer apply, they can look at changing this.
  • Dr Rogers - Spring booster will stop June 30th and it will then be the eligible childrens booster (aged 6 months to 5 years). Clinics will like be set up for the children, similar to how the adult ones have run.

Next Meeting 20th July 2023 @ 18:00

If anyone wishes to suggest any amendments to the minutes, can you please contact the Chair