PPG Minutes of March 2023 Meeting




Present: TC, KC, AC, JR, AA, JN
On behalf of Banbury Cross Health Centre: Tony Summersgill – PML [TS], Dr Sanders – GP {DS}
Visitor/Prospective PPG Member: TM
Apologies: None received

Minutes from the last Meeting

Discussed and agreed as a true record.


Matters Arising

TC welcomed TM to the meeting and introduced himself and the PPG members.

Another member of the PPG has now resigned, and this has been accepted.



  • TS gave a brief update on staffing, with the position being broadly the same as last month.
  • 1 GP and 1 Nurse have started at the surgery this week.
  • The admin and reception roles are up to compliment. There are also 4 ECP and 5 Pharmacy personnel at the surgery,
  • The surgery notes they are in the same situation as surgeries nationally, when it comes to issues with recruitment and retention of staff – many practises are also trying to recruit at the same time and there is a finite pool available.
  • AC asked how many GP’s we are short of – TS responded that it isn’t a simple number as it is worked out by sessions that are put on at the surgery but broadly speaking the surgery would like to be able to have available another 30 sessions.
  • The surgery and PML are looking at more ways to make the practice and area attractive for prospective candidates.
  • The surgery now has funding to increase the Research team and recruitment will be a part of this.
  • AA complimented the physio team and there was some general talk about the excellent service from GP’s and Nurses.
  • The surgery recognises the detrimental effect long waiting lists and times can have on patients: and the pressure that can put on them and the surgery as they try to manage the care they need, which may increase due to the length of the waiting lists.
  • TS stated that the practice has applied for the patient list to be closed for new patients, but this decision is made by the CCG and there has been no response yet.
  • AC asked if the GP list on the website was up to date – TS confirmed that, work was underway to ensure all details were correct.


TM stated that there was a need for somewhere to establish what the PPG is and its purpose. KC confirmed that this is something that the PPG are looking at and would be in the form of something similar to a ‘Mission Statement.
A lengthy discussion was had around the PPG and its purpose, and several members pointed out that there is a page on the website that hold the PPG description, minutes and constitution.
TM suggested that a QR code could be used for people to scan and go straight to the information.
TS and TC confirmed that there have been no more applications to join the PPG. At the moment there are 7 PPG members and ideally there should be up to 20. We discussed how the PPG needs to be inclusive and representative of the patients of the surgery, DS confirmed that there is the technology to enable people to join the meeting remotely and a discussion was had to highlight if a meeting is held on Teams, there is the option of a transcript after the meeting and also closed captions during for anyone who wishes to use them.
TC – some concern that the agenda is sent out by the surgery with no PPG input and therefore the agenda doesn’t reflect what may need to be spoken about on the night.
TC – Can there be a set room for PPG meetings, as sometimes the space is shared and isn’t always suitable – TS confirmed JNPM can facilitate that.
All – Receptionists to be informed that a meeting is happening and who to expect.
KC – can we have a dedicated PPG Email, so that minutes, apologies etc can be sent and patients can contact us re PPG matters – TS and DS agreed that this is acceptable.
KC – volunteer needed for deputy minute taker; JR volunteered.
TC – a message from Hannah, to say that she is to be contacted if anyone wants access to the NAPP site.
JN – there is some concern about chairs in the waiting room and how accessible they are for people with limited mobility, JN has been made aware of an incident where there was some concern as there were no risers on chairs and a patient struggled to get out without help. DS said that that is something they can sort and suggested a walkthrough by PPG members to see what else is identified. Several PPG members expressed an interest in helping with this.
JR – shared a positive experience she had with a staff member.
TM – asked several questions about the upkeep of the building, who has overall responsibility over this. TS stated overall it is the Landlords responsibility but there are smaller things that the practice can do too.
TM – stated it would be interesting to know the background of PPG members, what they do for a living and if they have skills, they are bringing in.
KC – the PPG page on the website needs to have some work done on it. Namely to make it more eye catching and relevant for the PPG as it is and to be used as an aid to attract new members. A discussion was had around this, what could go on it – there were mentions of previous Open Mornings at Horsefair surgery that promoted their PPG and maybe having an up-to-date photograph of a meeting on there. There was also some discussion of how to attract other members and again the QR code could be beneficial. TS – stated that he would ask Hannah to contact KS in regard to what may be suitable to go on the website.
TS and DS confirmed that they do have a team looking at the website and Social Media sites and what and how things are promoted on there.
KC – asked how positive feedback is relayed to the patients and sometimes it is the negative feedback that is seen on Social Media sites. DS confirmed that all staff are made aware of feedback from patients, but it isn’t always promoted outside of that. KC stated that it is important for there to be a balanced view available, and some patients may feel anxious, apprehensive or even avoid contacting the surgery when needed, as all they have seen it the negative experiences expressed. DS and TS will take this forward.
TM – suggested that along with the feedback, a Smiley face system similar to what has been used in other areas may work well. DS and TS will also take this forward.

Next Meeting [Provisional]: 20th April 2023