PPG Minutes of May 2023 Meeting




Present: TC, KC, AC, JR, AA, TM, AM, PC
On behalf of Banbury Cross Health Centre: Jennifer Nicholls Practice Manager [JNPM]

1. Apologies



2. Minutes from the last Meeting

TM would like an amendment re figures for complaints and compliments to be added. There was confusion as to how long the period they referred to in the previous meeting so unable to add.

TM would like this to be an ongoing Agenda Item – a breakdown of the figures and what they involve. This was agreed.

JNPM stated that the practice encourages and welcomes feedback of any description and that there is a dedicated team and email address for this


3. Matters Arising

A photo of the PPG was taken to be uploaded to the website


4. Staffing

JNPM gave an update on the current and upcoming staffing for the practice:

Dr Rayner leaves the practice 18/05

2 new GPs have now started 

1 further GP to start in September

2 GP’s have been interviewed and recruitment is ongoing in this area

There is a pool of Locums that the practice can call upon [8-10] to ensure that the maximum number of appointments can be utilised. Locums are both from Agencies and independent.

The Nursing manager has now resigned, and her job will be advertised. No other changes within the nursing team.

HCA’s – well staffed and some will undertake further training to become nursing associates.

The practice has a new machine, a Doppler machine that will help with the care of leg ulcers.

NHS guidance now starts masks are not needed at the practice- clinicians will continue to wear them.

The new GP contract requires ‘cloud-based telephony, which the practice already has. 

GP’s can still redirect to other appropriate services – 111, pharmacy, dentist, Specsavers etc


5. Invite a member of Healthwatch to a meeting

A discussion was had in regard to inviting a member of Healthwatch to a future PPG meeting, as they are looking to help newly set up PPGs. It was agreed to send an invitation

There was mention at this point of issues with the Constitution and if an AGN etc is needed – this has been moved to be an Agenda item at the next meeting.


6. NAPP further discussion of the Introduction to PPG’s document

Moved to the next meeting as an Agenda item


7. Newsletter and promotion of the PPG

KC proposed that we reinstate the newsletter, in one form or another, that we previously had in 2020.

It was agreed that this is something that the PPG would endorse and JNPM also confirmed that it would be something the practise would be happy with too.

The person who used to compile the newsletter is no longer a PPG member, but PC will approach them to see if they would like to be involved in it.

TC asked if GPs could be approached to suggest joining the PPG to patients.

The PPG group photo will be uploaded to the website and possibly Facebook, to show who the members are.

Family and Friends scores show 87-88% of patients recommend the practice, so it was felt we need to capitalise on this positive number

PPG week is 31/05 and again a discussion was had re a Drop-in session for patients to find out about the PPG.

AA stated he had already made plans for a McMillan Coffee Morning and JNPC said it could now be held in the practice as restrictions have been lifted.


9. AOB

  • TC – receptionists not aware of PPG meeting – JMPM to ensure they are in future
  • PC – Carpark issues – do you get 15 or 30 minutes before you need to input your car registration? There was disagreement over the correct time around the table so JNPM will find out the correct timing details.
  • TC – reminded everyone that the Constitution needs to be discussed at the next meeting, as it is almost a year since it was last agreed.
  • PC- asked for a list of volunteers for helping at the vaccination clinics. Some confusion re PPG members being told that volunteers will only be sought from the GoodSam App and other members not being informed at all. PC took a list of volunteers.
  • JR – ACCURX, appointments booked easily using this and successfully however there are ongoing issues with how connect health deal with referrals.
  • AC – asked about booking future appointments with GPs. JNPM stated that the practice now holds a list of patients wanting to a particular clinician and you can ask to go on this.
  • AC- Does the practice have new required phone system. JNPM stated yes, they do, and they are very busy and particularly first thing on a Monday there can be 600 calls first thing.
  • AC – who will monitor the PPG email. TC will be the sole person monitoring and has been sent all the details
  • TM – how do we add items to the agenda. These should be sent via the PPG email and TC will forward to be added
  • KC – can you opt out of receiving text messages around research the practice is doing? JNPM – yes but that will mean you opt out of all text/SMS communications. JNPM to ensure the research texts are going to appropriate age groups.
  • KC -mentioned an NHS App called Silver Cloud and is this something the practice promotes? JMPM requested details to be emailed to Hannah Gibson around this.
  • TM – Call back System- this can take hours for a call back and there is no warning of when you will receive the call, meaning some miss it and have to queue again. Can a message be sent prior to the call to make people aware a call is imminent? JNPM to look into this.
  • KC may not be available to take minutes at the next meeting – JR will undertake this role if needed.

Next Meeting 15th June 2023 @ 18:00

If anyone wishes to suggest any amendments to the minutes, can you please contact the Chair