PPG Minutes of October 2022 Meeting




Present: AC, TA, JR, JM, TC, GA (Virtual), Jennifer Nichols (Practice Manager) and Mark Gray (Primary Care Medical Director)
Apologies: AM, JN, KS

Minutes and matters arising

Discussed and agreed.

  • PPG roles – JN has been in touch with the PPG members who have advised that they wish to step down.  JM suggested a rotating role rota to help ease the burden which the group welcomed. TC volunteered to be Chair – this will be reviewed every December with a view to appointing new Chair or opportunity for new Chair every January.  We still need a volunteer to be secretary. 
  • BCHC signage – signage at Bridge Street continues to cause confusion.  JN explained issue given we are tenants.   
  • Virtual Group – any members wishing to be part of a virtual group will be “additional” members to the core PPG group.  JM advised this is standard practice across PPG’s.  
  • Research Proposal – opportunity GA shared last time has fallen away; she will update the group if any other opportunities arise.


  • GP’s – Dr MacGregor has now left BCHC to take some time out.  Dr Thorncroft leaves at the end of the year. Dr Mason has returned from maternity leave. Recruitment continues. Difficulties nationally with GP recruitment discussed.  
  • Nurses & HCA’s – now fully staffed for HCA’s. Need another Practice Nurse. Advert out. 
  • Sue Irwin – Deputy Practice Manager, is leaving the Practice in December to take some time out. 


  • Website – JN to ask ET to remove the position’s part on the constitution for now so that it can go on the website.

Extended Access

  • Plans – Explained the plans to deliver extended access through LIVI, vaccinations, GP appointments and nursing and HCA appointments.  Social Prescribers and Pharmacy team will also help. Online booking availability. 

Any Other Business

  • AgeUK – JM shared a booklet which doesn’t mention BCHC having social prescribers. JN to contact AgeUk. 
  • Lift – JN to chase position on lift that keeps failing. 
  • Access to Records – 1st November 2022 patients will be able to see retrospective entries.

Next Meeting: 17th November 2022.