Here are some of our most recent patient reviews

I am sending heartfelt thanks to all the staff & volunteers at the BCHCwho are contributing to the covid vaccination programme in progress at the horsefair surgery. I was so impressed with organisation, helpfullness and consideration when I attended in Dec and again yesterday for my secound injection of the Phizer Bion Vaccine. I want everyone to know that you are greatley appreciated and i thank each one for giving their time and energies to this extremley important programme.

I telephoned a short while ago to finish setting up my patient access, receptionist was extremely helpful and sorted it immediately. Thank you for an excellent service I look forward to using the system.

I have just been in to the surgery today (26/03) for my 2nd covid vaccination and have nothing but positive feedback. From walking in I was met by a polite gentleman who asked if I was comfortable using the stairs or would rather the lift - a simple question but as a 22 year old who struggles with stairs but is often assumed to be fine, this was greatly appreciated. The lady on reception was quick to check me in and polite. There were lots of volunteers waiting to show me where to go who were all polite and smiling (even under their mask). I didn't have to wait long before I was called in and given my injection. The nurse (Zena) explained everything well, the lady who took my details (Amber) was very friendly and they both along with the Doctor in the room (Dr Hafeez I think was his name) were quick to answer any questions I had. Despite being very busy it was all very well managed and felt safe.

I would like to say how good the nurse was who did my INR and Thyroid blood test And a blood test for my husband at the same time.  Her name was Michaela. In fact she was more than good, I would say brilliant, She asked if I minded having the 2 tests together, She explained every thing and made sure we were happy with it all. She was very reassuring and friendly.An excellent phlebotomist and a very nice lady.I hope you don’t mind me saying this but I must give credit when credit is due. She should have a medal. Thank you.

I would like to say thank you to Dr Rodgers for her participation in getting myself into x Ray and then following up with further support by referring me to see a surgeon which has resulted in me getting a full knee replacement.  In the space of 11mths i have had the surgery and am now recovering.Being seen and operated on whilst in a pandemic is truly amazing. I cannot thank or praise the surgery drs nurses etc enough. A special thank you to Dr Rodgers. And I wish you all best wishes and stay safe in every thing you do

I have a needle phobia, I was scared and nervous. Luckily I worked with my GP from Banbury Cross Health Centre she helped me feel safe. She distracted me with talking about my dog and having my mum in the room to support me. As I showed her a phot of my dog Lola the injection was over in secounds. There was only a tiny sting it hardly hurt at all.

This letter is to thank you, and in particular your practice nurses, for some excellent care since christmas 2020.On 7th December 2020 I underwent a small operation at the churchill hospital to remove a cancerous spot on my right upper leg. Thewound did not heal well; Dr Carter and practice nurse maggie assessed it in banbury and referred me back to the churchill, who removed the stiches and realised that a haematoma had developed. They treated it briefly (my last appointment was on christmas eve) and referred me back to you. Since then my wound has been treated twice a week in banbury, almost always by either Nicola or Derrian. These two have been magnificant:invariably careful, kind and cheerful- and i havent often had to wait very long for treatment ! They have acted in the very best traditions of the NHS, and i couldnt be more grateful to them, and to you for organising the practice. Ive been signed off today after two months of meticulous care. Incidentially my wife and i have had our first anti-covid vaccinations with you, and they two were efficently organised. Thank gof for the NHS!

I would like to expreess my thanks to all the staff at the health centre and to Dr Checkley in particular. I have been treated with sensitivity, compassion and patience. I cannot express my thanks enough. At a time when the surgery is under extreme pressure. Dr Checkley has manage to spend precious time treating my medical problems. her care and professionalism are without question. i feel very priveleged to have been treated by such a kind, efficent and undertsnmading doctor. Despute my advanced years i have never been made to feel that my age was in any way an obstacle to medical care. Please convey my thanks both to Dr Checklye and the extremely helpful team of patients, helpful receptionist

Well done to all reception staff at this surgery; it’s not always easy dealing with all of us patients and our needs and anxieties. Once again I had a really good experience this morning with a polite, friendly and helpful receptionist. Keep up the good work!

 Please can you pass on my thanks to the Dr I spoke to this morning. It was a difficult call for me and she made it easier to deal with. I didn’t catch her name, but I’m sure it’s on my records. She’s a credit to your surgery.