Contacting BCHC this week 

“Hello all, as it is summer holidays, some of our staff are taking a well-earned break to spend some time with their families after the long haul of getting our local community vaccinated against Covid-19. 

Unfortunately we also have unforeseen absences in the call centre meaning we have less call handlers, this may result in longer wait times and at times our queue may be at its maximum capacity resulting in callers not being able to join the queue. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused this morning so far. 

This does also mean that we are tight for appointments this week. I know that you all understand how important it is to spend time with the family, and will support us while things are a bit hectic.

If you have an issue that can wait until next week, we would be very grateful if you could delay calling us.  If you are feeling very unwell and you feel you need an appointment, please call on the day before 11am (preferably when your GP is working – please see website).

Thank-you so much for your understanding and support!

Gwyneth Rogers (Clinical Lead, BCHC)”

Published: Aug 23, 2021