Changes to our messages on the phone system 

We have recently changed the messages you hear on our phone system, so please listen carefully to these options. 

This system is designed to ensure we are more accessible, can prioritise those most at need and designate you to the correct person most efficiently.

The table below shows which number to press for each department and the times they operate:

Option Main Menu Opening Hours
1 COVID Vaccinations 11am-6.30pm
2 FLU Vaccinations 11am-6.30pm
3 Sick Note Requests 11am-6.30pm
4 Prescriptions 8am-6.30pm
5 Test Results 11am-6.30pm
6 Referrals 11am-6.30pm
7 Blood Tests 11am-6.30pm
8 Treatment Room 11am-6.30pm
9 Long Term Conditions Invites 11am-6.30pm
0 On The Day Appointments 8am-6.30pm
# Health or Social Care Worker 8am-6.30pm
All other enquiries 11am-6.30pm

Please note that you no longer need to wait till after 2pm for most of our routine queries. You can now phone anytime after 11am right up until 6:30pm for a variety of reasons, as listed above. 

Thank you for your continued support as always. 

Published: Nov 24, 2021