Face Coverings - please continue to wear one when visiting BCHC

Patients at Banbury Cross Health Centre will still be required to wear face coverings in all our sites even when COVID-19 restrictions ease on Monday 19th July.

NHS guidance in healthcare settings has not changed, and patients who are not exempt from wearing a face covering should continue to wear one, follow social distancing and hand hygiene guidance. If patients are exempt from wearing a mask, a face shield may be offered as an alternative.

COVID-19 infection rates are rising which means it’s vitally important we don’t let our guard down against the virus. The virus has not gone away and wearing a face covering is an effective way of reducing transmission. It’s also really important that anyone who is eligible for a vaccine and hasn’t yet come forward does so without delay.

We appreciate it can be frustrating but it’s important to understand we do see some very sick and vulnerable patients in the practice, some of whom are not able to have the COVID-19 vaccination due to their conditions. By continuing to take reasonable and sensible measures against the virus we are helping to protect the most vulnerable in our communities and providing patients with greater reassurance.

Getting the vaccine is the single most important step we can take to protect ourselves, our families and our communities against COVID-19.  The vaccine has been tested by scientists and researchers world-wide and every vaccine has gone through thorough checks. We continue working hard to deliver vaccinations to the people of North Oxfordshire so please book in via the National Booking System or to one of our drop in clinics. 


Published: Jul 15, 2021