With lockdown loosening we need to make sure that we use our parking spaces as efficiently as possible, so from next Monday 19 April we will be switching on the Parking monitoring system for our staff and patient car parks.

During the COVID crisis we disabled our cameras, but unfortunately this has seen the free parking in both car parks used by non-patients, who have been parking and walking into town.

The cameras will automatically record car registration numbers on the way in and on the way out. Everyone who parks in our patient car park will need to input their car registration number into one of the ipads when they enter the practice. There is a grace period on arrival which allows patients time to park and to drive throught the car park and leave if there is not enough space to park. We will provide hand sanitizer and screen cleaner for everyone’s use.

When we are busier than usual, during COVID clinics we will have volunteers entering car registrations for you when you arrive.

The parking system automatically issues fines of £70 for unauthorised parking, rising to £110 if not paid with two week. So it is important that you don’t forget to register your details on arrival. We advise that you do not park on yellow lines as Thames Valley Police can ticket the area at any time.

Banbury has good on-street parking nearby and it is possible to find free spaces around the town. There also is short term parking on South Bar Street. If you are unsure you can find details here:

We kindly request everyone to be as considerate as possible and only use the car park if you really need to. We want to make sure we have enough spaces for patients with children and less mobility, so they don’t have to walk far when visiting us. We also ask please do not park in any of the Ambulance bays, block any of the emergency access areas or keep traffic waiting on the street.

This system has worked very well for us prior to COVID and we anticipate that by taking these measures, it will free up spaces and make access to the surgery much easier, and fairer for our patients who are car users.

We thank you in advance for your understanding

Published: Apr 12, 2021

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