Queue Buster Call-back Feature




We would strongly recommend our patients to make use of our call-back feature, as it is a useful way of being able to hold your place in the telephone queue and generate a call-back once you are at the front of the que.

This feature allows you to continue on with your day to day activities whilst you wait for a call back, and therefore reduces your wait time on the phone.

We would advise you keep your phone nearby ready for your return call. In peak times it will of course take us longer to get back to you due to the volume of callers from 8am, but please be assured that you will be contacted at the earliest opportunity.

If you miss your call back please redial as soon as you are available, we will prioritise your return call for the remainder of the day you called so you may not be offered the call back on this occasion, and will need to wait for a call handler to answer your call.

Two people on the phone

If you have correctly selected the option for a call-back then you will receive confirmation from our phone system that this has been arranged; please await to hear this message and then the system will hang up for you.

If you don’t hear confirmation then it is likely you have not selected the right option and therefore joined the queue. 

Please avoid calling us back whilst waiting for the call-back, if you do then you will re-join the queue and the system will cancel your original call-back request.

It is important to note that unless there are more than five callers in the queue, the queue buster call-back feature will not be offered, this is because you are very close to having your call answered in any event.

Published: Sep 26, 2022